Welcome to the Accolade Athletics/CrossFit Accolade Blog!


Welcome to the Accolade Athletics/CrossFit Accolade Blog!

Welcome to our site, welcome to our blog and welcome to our gym.  We hope that over time, you’ll get a better sense for our fitness programs, our staff  and members of our community through the entries we make.  

I thought that a good place to start for me would be how I ended up here and my personal CrossFit journey.  Skipping over youth, adult and college athletics as well as skipping injuries, illnesses etc (I’m sure they’ll all make their way into future posts), I’ll get straight to the beginning of my CrossFit journey. 

In fall 2009, a hockey team mate and myself started going to a personal trainer in a training studio.  After many years out of gyms and weight training, it was nice to once again move some weight.  That same team mate lost interest and told me about another gym with a different offering – The Annex.  Within a few months at the Annex, I’d corralled a couple more of my buddies and we had a 4 person 6am session with the owner a few times each week.  

Each session had some lifting and then a timed workout.  One day, one of our group, Rick, emailed me from work.  He sent a link to Crossfit.com and said ‘this is what we’ve been doing’.  Sure enough, The Annex was in the process of becoming a CrossFit affiliate.  Another friend had been going to a box in Berkeley Heights NJ for a while – Crossfit908.  I went for a free trial workout and immediately joined.  (I actually got kicked out of the Annex, but that’s another post…)

My 2-3 weekly sessions at The Annex became 5-6 weekly workouts at 908 and I’ve never looked back.  I’ve felt better, eaten better, slept better and been happier overall with CrossFit as a part of my life.  I’ve made great friends, good friends and innumerable acquaintances.  

Upon moving to Cambridge in 2015, I started thinking about starting a CrossFit box.  I ended up joining a great affiliate – Commonwealth Crossfit in Somerville.  I liked it so much that I somewhat back burnered my desire to start my own gym.  Fast forward to 2019 when Larry and I decided to co-found an affiliate in Arlington and that gets us to today.  We’ve had some crazy bumps in the road – leases, zoning and Covid of course.  But we are finally open today and I am so incredibly excited.  

I look forward to meeting our members as they join, coaching them, working out with them and some day hanging out with them in a mask free world.  The first 12 years of this journey have been such a joy – I’m really excited about the next 12 years and beyond.