Dropping In


Dropping In

One unadvertised benefit of CrossFit is the ability to drop in on other CrossFit gyms when traveling.  During a short recent business trip, I had the pleasure of dropping in on CrossFit Invictus in San Diego.  I arrived jet lagged, sleepless and tired from a long day.  Somehow after an absolute gasser of a workout, I left feeling better than when I arrived.

I’ve been lucky enough to drop in all over the US and the world over the last decade plus and have always experienced the same feeling of being welcome whenever I have done so.  I don’t look to set PR’s on the road – simply look to get in a good sweat with some new friends.  I hope that you take advantage of this opportunity as well as you travel.

There are a few bits of drop in etiquette that you should adhere to:

  • Be early, sign up/email ahead of time – you’ll need to sign a waiver, pay, find the changing area, etc.  15 minutes early at least
  • Be low maintenance.  Go with the flow.  They will do things differently than we do for sure.  Just go with it.  Listen to instructions and follow them.
  • Whether you’re dropping in or someone is dropping in to our gym, introduce yourself and say hello.  It’s always helpful and appreciated.  

**. Drop In policies vary from gym to gym but the vast majority of CrossFit gyms accommodate drop ins.