Crossfit Accolade – CrossFit

With respect to all of our veterans


Teach: Barbell Front Squat


Metcon (Time)

“Partner Chad”

1000 Box Step-ups

45/35 ruck sack and 20″ box

Time cap: 30 Minutes

In honor of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to the effects of numerous deployments, several TBIs, blast wave injuries and PTSD.

To learn more or make a contribution visit: https://www.goruck.com/pages/chad-1000x
– Original workout with a ruck sack, so bring a weighted back pack or vest if you can, if not bring an empty backpack and add weights at the gym

– Choose a more appropriate box height if need be

– Both partners working together at the same time towards the cumulative goal…keep your distance but talk, motivate and support one another